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How about EPE pearl cotton granulator screen changer?

In the process of purchasing EPE pearl cotton granulator, users often face the choice of motor head and hydraulic non-stop mesh changing die? For the advantages and disadvantages of the two, it is difficult for new users to distinguish between their uses and functions correctly. The cleaning of the changer is divided into 3 steps: TEG cleaning, high pressure water gun cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. Zhengzhou Deao Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of network screen changer in Zhengzhou. I

characteristics of automatic mesh belt screen changer

The performance and characteristics of automatic mesh changing of net belt screen changer without stopping machine. 1. there is no fluctuation in the pressure of the mesh screen changer , which has no effect on the product quality. 2. self sealing, never leakage. 3. full automatic mesh, no manual operation. 4. the occupancy space is small, the structure is novel, the installation is convenient and simple. 5. no wear and tear, long service life. 6. removable movable filter block (perforated panel

Multi layer plastic machine matching mesh screen changer scheme

For multilayer blowers or multistage filter extruders, engineers recommend using a set of hydraulic stations to control multiple sets of valves. The hydraulic screen changer needs to use hydraulic pump station to drive the screen board to work. The hy

Where is the hydraulic mesh changer for plastic extrusion equipment applicable?

Hello, you said that the screen changer , we produce is suitable for all kinds of resin filter use, such as plastic sheet, film industry, granulation industry, and so on, coupled with rapid hydraulic station, can realize the rapid network changer. Plate-type belt-type and column-type, in recent years there are new structures in China, rotary mesh changer, but the price is higher, the general domestic enterprises have not yet used. The mesh screen changer is installed in front of the melt pump at

Double plate double screen changer for plastic

A. Double plate double screen changer for plastic performance characteristics: Double plate double screen changer for plastic is used simultaneously. When changing the network, one network works and one network is replaced, without interrupting the material flow, the network can be changed without stopping the machine. The two filtering units work at the same time, and the filtering area is two times that of the single network. It is suitable for the extrusion production requirements of all poly

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