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    plastic filter without filtering net
    It is a kind of plastic filter without filtering net , which is called non net die head, filter free filter, automatic removal of miscellaneous die head, automatic dregs filter, non stop miscellaneous die head, non stop automatic spit impurity mold head, etc. The main features of the net - free and non - stop machine (filter) are: automatic miscellaneous, no filter, environmental protection and electricity saving, increase production, strengthen plasticization, no loss, simple manipulation and s
    hydraulic mesh transfer filter
    The single plate double position hydraulic mesh transfer filter produced by our company is widely used in various work situations of sheet, sheet, pipe, film blowing machine and granulation. Suitable for the filtration of impurities during the processing of thermoplastic plastics. hydraulic mesh transfer filter Advantages: Adopt flexible sealing device, satisfy high temperature, high pressure, high extrusion production, never leak material; Using energy accumulator, double position fast switch t
    The respective functions of extruder and screen changer in plastic extrusion system
    In the plastic extrusion system, the mesh changer is usually used in tandem with the extruder, so as to enhance the production capacity of the plastic extrusion system and improve the finished product quality. For the respective roles of extruders and mesh changers in plastic extrusion systems, the following analysis will be made in detail. The plastic extruder is used to complete plastic plasticization and molding. The purpose of the extruder screen changer is to heat the raw material into a un
    The knowledge of the extrusion screen changer
    Most plastic materials contain impurities. These impurities can be easily removed by installing mesh changers on the flow path of polymer melt after the extruder. The net is the textile SkyDrive with the same diameter as the extruder barrel. In order to replace the blocking mesh, remove the downstream equipment first, replace the old network with clean mesh, and reinstall it to the production line. screen changer There is no need to shut down and spend labor in replacing network group. According
    Application of automatic melt screen exchanger
    Application field of automatic melt screen exchanger Application of raw materials: PP, PE, ABS, PS and other plastic melts, etc. Features of automatic melt screen exchanger This series of filters is made up of filter body, heating / cooling system, electronic control system and so on, without external force control. Its control elements can automatically control filtering time and speed. Technology and specification of automatic melt screen exchanger 1, Zhengzhou - batte automatic melt screen ex
    The application of the film blowing screen changer
    The application of the screen changer for the film blowing machine The film blowing screen changer is used for the production of chemical fiber, blowing film, flat film and casting film, the manufacture of pipe, sheet, wire, fiber, grain cutting line, recovery and so on. The characteristics of the screen changer of the film blowing machine 1, the series network changer is designed as a dual channel double filter structure. When it changes the network, it will replace the network without interrup
    Plastic extruder screen changer machine
    Most of the materials that are used to produce plastics contain impurities. These impurities can be easily removed by replacing the net on the flow path of polymer melt after the plastic extruder is simplified. The net is a textile SkyDrive with the same diameter of the plastic extruder barrel. Usually, by several layers of different mesh with a package group. The fine net minimum solid particle filter melt stream, the outer layer of the coarse mesh is solid, can prevent premature particles larg
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