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    High Capacity Screen Changers
    High capacity screen changers are slide plate screen changers that are suitable for high capacity polymer filtration up to 27,211 kg/hr (60,000 lbs/hr) and higher, and with proven design and superior performance.
    Metering Screw Feeders
    The following points from Batte Company provide a detailed consideration relating to the design of Metering Screw Feeders used in controlling the flow of powders into a process at a prescribed rate.
    high quality and high yield plastic extrusion screen changer
    Our plastic extrusion screen changer in the production process to ensure uninterrupted data flow and does not interrupt production, to achieve a large filter area, to meet customer demand for higher capacity, the better the quality of produ
    new type extrusion screen changer
    Extrusionscreen changer (filter) is a composed of one or more filtering net automatic switching device, used in plastic material flow filter material containing particles and filter out impurities. Filter by a alloy porous plate or metal me
    Application range of hydraulic screen changer
    The most common is the hydraulic screen changer and the manual screen changer, followed by the piston non-stop screen changing device, the piston non-stop screen changing device of high cost, less in the domestic users, following a brief in
    Professional extrusions screen changer manufacturers
    World professional for screen changer of manufacturers , Batte Machinery Co., Ltd. is the production of products has been widely used in chemical fiber, granulation, plastic film, sheet, plate, bar, pipe, wire and cable, drawing, extrusi
    application of fast screen changer in plastic extrusion
    Quick screen changer is mainly used in plastic machinery, can not stop the replacement of the filter screen, is suitable for the pearl cotton foam machine. The use of hydraulic quick net changing device of saving time and labor, energy savi
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    As one of screen changer manufacturers in China, Batte supplies extrusion screen changer, especially hydraulic screen changers.