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Extrusion screen changers are used in recycled plastic extrusion systems

Screen changer , also called melt filter, is an indispensable equipment in the production of recycled plastic. The screen changer of extruder not only can filter various impurities, but more importantly, after installing the screen changer You can replace the filter without stopping the extruder production and disassembly mold; New mesh changer equipment developed by Zhengzhou, but also can be replaced without affecting the normal production of the product, reducing energy consumption, waste, co

Column continuous screen changers have advantages in structural design

Domestic professional screen changer manufacturer, has the most advanced equipment and processing technology and improve after-sales service process, to provide users with all aspects of the melt filter program. Bart screen changer manufacturers design column continuous screen changer, what are the characteristics of the structure it, the following will be a detailed analysis and answer. Double-column four-station hydraulic screen changer Batte design and production of continuous columnar screen

Extruder screen changer structure and advantages analysis

Bart screen changer manufacturers R D and production of a new screen changer: extruder continuous screen changer . The main structure comprises a main body and a mesh block arranged in the mesh block groove, and a pressure sensor is respectively arranged at the front of the mesh and at the back of the mesh. The utility model is characterized in that the material channel in the main body is a plurality of channels. Extruder continuous screen changer has a number of material channels, blocks work

pvc extrusion mould

pvc extrusion mould distributor, the distributor is divided into the core rod distributor, louver distributor, module distributor, three-tier distributor, five-story distributor and other multi-layer co-extruded composite distributor, up to a dozen ingredients of raw materials Coextrusion compound. The corresponding expansion device can be divided into the following applications Design PP, PE, OPP, CPP, CPE, PVB, TPU, EVA, PET, PVDC, EAA with EA, H and PA, can produce a variety of food products

extrusion t die

Process Type: extrusion t die Number of mold sub-surface: one Number of cavities: single cavity mold Mold installation: fixed mold The scope of extrusion t die application: appliances, food, daily necessities, cell phones, gifts, handicrafts, other extrusion t die characteristic: l quickly remove the mold on the crystallization of the technology. l High viscosity plastic for special flow smoothing. Multi-layer design to enhance physical properties, reduce costs. Edge design can reduce waste gene

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