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    Application of extrusion for manual screen changer
    The manual screen changer is a low cost filtering scheme rubber extrusion industry, manual screen changer for temporary shutdown for network applications. Sred according to the special requirements of customers design network exchanger manu
    What is the melt extrusion screen changer?
    The melt extrusion screen changer is a manual or automatic switching device including one or more filters for filtering the particles and impurities from the filter when the material flow is used in the plastic flow.
    Screen changer
    Screen changer and melt filter belongs to the Filtration Systems, which developed, designed and manufactured by Batte. Screen changers are well established in the plastic processing. The following is the details.
    Screen Changer Types
    Screen Changer Types include continuous screen changers, discontinuous screen changers, manually operated screen changers, and so on. These screen changers have different applications as follows.
    Screen Changers
    Batte supplies screen changers for filtration of extruded plastic melt. Filtration Systems offers solutions for both continuous and discontinuous processes. Different screen changers can be supplied by us.
    Extrusion Gear Pump
    Extrusion Gear Pump also called EGP. The Extrusion Gear Pumps are a rotary volumetric pump utilizing precision ground gears to provide precise metering and constant pressure.
    Continuous Backflush Screen Changer
    Continuous Backflush Screen Changer also called CSC/BF, and performs much like the Continuous Screen Changer design. The following is features, benefits, and applications of Continuous Backflush Screen Changer.
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    As one of screen changer manufacturers in China, Batte supplies extrusion screen changer, especially hydraulic screen changers.