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screen changer in the extruder

Most plastic materials contain impurities, which can be easily removed by replacing the mesh on the flow path of polymer melt after the extruder. The screen changer is the textile SkyDrive with the same diameter as the extruder barrel. Usually, a number of different mesh numbers form a package group. The finest mesh can filter the smallest solid particles in the melt flow, and the outer rough net is stronger, which prevents the larger particles from entering the inner screen changer . In order t

Four net circulatory screen changer

Performance characteristics of screen changer The main body of the changer is composed of four independent filter blocks, and the filter block circulated in turn to work well. The work has good sealing performance, pressure resistance, abrasion resistance and long service life. The preheating work position and the exhaust structure of the filter block are provided. When changing the network, the gas in the new network can be discharged to maintain the balance of network pressure and thoroughly s

Fast net screen changer

Single plate, double plate, single column and double column screenchanger , the hydraulic network screen changer is fast and convenient for production and maintenance. The built in sealing device has better sealing performance and can meet the requirement of high polymer extrusion for any polymer. It can be used in conjunction with different standard extruders. The time for fast changing the network is less than 2 seconds, and the screen changer filter area is selected between 30mm- and 250mm. H

plastic filter without filtering net

It is a kind of plastic filter without filtering net , which is called non net die head, filter free filter, automatic removal of miscellaneous die head, automatic dregs filter, non stop miscellaneous die head, non stop automatic spit impurity mold head, etc. The main features of the net - free and non - stop machine (filter) are: automatic miscellaneous, no filter, environmental protection and electricity saving, increase production, strengthen plasticization, no loss, simple manipulation and s

hydraulic mesh transfer filter

The single plate double position hydraulic mesh transfer filter produced by our company is widely used in various work situations of sheet, sheet, pipe, film blowing machine and granulation. Suitable for the filtration of impurities during the processing of thermoplastic plastics. hydraulic mesh transfer filter Advantages: Adopt flexible sealing device, satisfy high temperature, high pressure, high extrusion production, never leak material; Using energy accumulator, double position fast switch t

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