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    China Plastic Sheet Extrusion Die
    pc wave board is a high quality, excellent toughness polycarbonate wave board, which features high impact resistance, clarity, light weight, diversity and UV tolerance. PC Langban show excellent weathering, durability, and fire performance. Making it
    sheet extrusion flat die
    So its time for you to buy a new sheet extrusion flat die . What do you need to know to about current die design technology to make sure you get what you need and want from your supplier? The purpose of a sheet extrusion flat die , of course, is to deliver a uniform flow of polymer across the exit of the die lip so that the film or sheet product is flat and the gauge is uniform. Because the die is just a nozzleit simply takes what comes in and shapes and discharges itits designed to leak uniform
    plastic materials extrusion screen changer
    Most plastic materials contain impurities that can easily be removed by a screen changer installed in the polymer melt flow path of the extruder. Mesh is the same fabric web as the extruder barrel. Usually, the same group of several different layers constitute a package. The thinnes t mesh filters the smallest solid particles in the melt stream and the outer coarse layer is stronger, preventing larger particles from entering the inner fine mesh prematurely. To resist the forces generated by the
    Pipe Extrusion Machine hydraulic extrusion Screen Changer
    Pipe Extrusion Machine/hydraulic Screen Changer,Hydraulic Screen Changer,Extrusion. continuous screen pack changer can be used on many other plastic products extrusion. Pipe Extrusion Machine hydraulic extrusion Screen Changer Technical Data Type Scre
    Extrusion Screen Changer Factory
    Batte Mechanical Zhengzhou Co,.Ltd. is not only a extrusion screen changer supplier, but also a professional manufacturer of Screen changer , Melt pumps, and Loss-in-weight Feeder. The main products are Melt pump, Loss-in-weight Feeder,extrusion screen changer and gear pumps, metering pumps. Batte Company has accumulated abundant experience on the application technique of melt pumps since we manufacture pumps professionally. Recently according to the development trend of melt pumps application a
    hydraulic extrusion screen changer
    The hydraulic extrusion screen changer allows for filtration of most polymers with minimum disruption during a screen change. Hydraulic extrusion screen changers feature a patented pressure activated seal that not only seals to 10,000 psi, it eliminates degradation and gels caused in other slide plate type screen changers. PSI Hydraulic Screen Changers are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and filter highly sensitive compounds. Unit can be supplied with either one or three heat zones. F
    Impact of Extruder Screen Changer on Plastic Extrusion
    During the extrusion of the extruder, the molten material is fed through the screen to the mold. Filter to filter the material, and can improve the mixing effect of the material. However, the filter can also make the process fluctuations, resulting in back pressure and melt temperature rise, and sometimes reduce. The Extruder Screen Changer affects the temperature of the molten material When changing blocked Extruder Screen Changers , the pressure drops suddenly and the temperature of the molten
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    As one of screen changer manufacturers in China, Batte supplies extrusion screen changer, especially hydraulic screen changers.