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    Improve the cleaning effect of screen changer
    The cleaning of the screen changer is divided into three steps: TEG cleaning, high pressure water gun cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. TEG is a colorless transparent neutral oily liquid with a boiling point of 276 C. It can alcoholyze and dissolve polyester under heating condition [2]. TEG cleaning is to dissolve the polyester melt on the screen changer by heating and cooking under the action of TEG solvent. The newly removed melt filter core, wrapped by polyester melt, must be cooked in TEG co
    Installation and Use of Circulating Filter Block Type Screen Change Filter
    The screen changer filter has high processing accuracy and strict requirements. In installation and application, it must be operated in strict accordance with the operating rules. Otherwise, the filter will not work properly or destroy. It is limited to space. Here, we only discuss the problems that are easy to ignore in installation and application. 1. Each shift should be operated by a special person (part-time). The continuity of the work can detect the abnormality of the filter in the early
    On the relationship between extruder and screen changer
    The author is a game fan, with contact between hand and online games. A brush game sticker, see a topic: on the game of assistant (SUP) and output (DPS), who is more important? In my opinion, whether DPS or SUP are indispensable, DPS plays the main injuring force of the team, SUP provides a variety of gain effects (BUFF), to create favorable conditions and environment for teammates. The two complement each other, complement each other, tacit cooperation can win. Similarly, in the field of plasti
    The filter screen changer blocked by the exchanger will affect the temperature of molten material
    When the screen changer blocked filter works to a certain extent, the pressure in the extruder body will increase and the material flow will not be smooth and can not continue to work. At this time, it is necessary to stop the machine and replace the blocked filter. When the blocked filter is replaced manually, the pressure will suddenly drop, and the temperature of molten material may also drop, resulting in changes in the size of the product. In order to maintain the same size of the product,
    Misuse of gear pumps
    The inlet of the gear pump inlet is not in the right direction. Many pilots think that this can improve the practice of lift, the original gear pump practice head = total head to lose head. When the type of gear pump is determined, the total head is certain; the loss of head mainly comes from pipeline resistance, the smaller the diameter of the pipe, the greater the obvious resistance, so the loss of head, the greater the cause of stainless steel corrosion analysis, so reducing the diameter of t
    Control of screen changer
    Control of screen changer Hydraulic control mesh screen changer can be equipped with two kinds of control systems, manual slide valve operating system or automatic circulation operating system (ACS). According to Kreyenborg, its K-SWE and continuous mesh screen changer with back-flushing device are usually equipped with ACS system, while D-SWEp intermittent mesh screen changer is generally equipped with manual sliding valve operating system. The ACS system consists of a program controller, a dra
    The important position of screen changer in the production of recycled plastics
    In the extrusion production of plastics, there may be various impurities and foreign substances in the raw materials as well as fine crystalline particles with incomplete plasticization, especially in the recycling process of recycled plastics, there are paper scraps, aluminum foil, sand, iron scraps, copper wire, wood scraps, defoamer and other impurities, the existence of these impurities without the installation of a mesh changer. Impurity filtration will result in the decline of product qual
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