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Matters needing attention in the design of new melt filter

Plastic processing machinery requires matching melt filters to operate accurately. In order to meet its requirements, manufacturers have designed and manufactured a series of effective melt filters. The design of the new melt filter takes into account the factors that affect the processing, control and economy of the operation process. For example, due to these factors, a fine filter plate is designed on the melt filter. This not only removes the contaminants in the melt, but also reduces the bl

Reasons for Leakage of Quick Extrusion Screen Changer

Principle of quick extrusion screen changer: The main filter parts of fast extrusion screen changer are composed of slider, positioning pin, feed seal copper ring, gap adjusting nut, shunt plate and discharge seal copper pad, as shown in Figure 1. The main function of the gap-adjusting nut is to adjust by rotation, make the sealing copper ring and one end of the slide plate tightly matched to prevent plastic solution from leaking out between the feed seal copper ring and the slide plate; the pla

What are the benefits of using screen changers for plastics production

Why there are screen changer products, and what are the benefits of using netchanger for plastic production? This is a question that some customers must consult and understand before purchasing netchanger. The main function of the screen changer is to filter the impurities in the melt through the filter station. When the impurities accumulate to a certain extent, the screen can be changed directly without stopping the main body of the extruder or reducing the speed, so as to improve production e

Improvement of cleaning process for PET melt filter

In the production process of polyethylene terephthalate P (PET) by terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol acetylation, the following reasons often cause the material anomalies: (1) the condensation time is too long, the material flow is not smooth, resulting in the dead angle resulting in yellow and black pot scale; (2) because of the leakage of the system, the temperature control is relatively high, which causes the thermal oxidation to increase the gel content; (3) careless operation, the produ

Screen changer development status

In recent years, some single screw extruder and twin screw extruder manufacturers have developed and applied to production, but most of them focus on manual lever type, manual slide type and single skateboard continuous screen changer , with few varieties and low level. As an important supporting device, the screen changer was introduced by Kreyenborg Company in the 10th International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition. WIL-MAN and Trendelkamp exhibited their network screen changer series pr

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