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Polymer melt filtration manual hydraulic screen changer

The Manual Skid Plate Hydraulic Screen Changer provides plastics processors with an economical and efficient way to filter contaminants from the polymer stream. Used for blown film, laminating, masterbatch, recycling, sheet extrusion, profile extrusion, pipe production, pipe coating and biaxial orientation, the manual polymer screen changer can be used to filter virtually any type of thermoplastic material. Compact design eliminates the need to disassemble the line and use the handle or optional

How to distinguish between single-board duplex screen changer and single-board continuous screen chan

The single-plate extrusion screen changer has two filtering stations on the filter plate, while the single-plate continuous four-station screen changer has four independent porous plates, which is the difference in its internal structure; for the inst

Analysis of working conditions when the hydraulic station is not running and there is no pressure

When the hydraulic station is not operating normally, look at. 1. whether the power supply is connected (380V) 2, whether the power switch in the control box of the hydraulic station is pushed up. 3, whether the hydraulic station is not filled with 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil. When the hydraulic station motor is running but there is no pressure, it should be noted that. 1, whether the motor reverses (counterclockwise), such as reversing, the hydraulic station electric control box in the three po

XPS extruded plastic board special non-stop screen changer

XPS extruded plastic board is also called extruded polystyrene thermal insulation board. The special non-stop screen changer for extruded plastic board developed by Zhengzhou Batte is not only novel in structure and unique in technology, but also made of high quality alloy steel, with special processing technology and ultra-high precision processing means to make the performance of the screen changer reach the international leading level. The special screen changer for extruded plastic board is

XPS extruded plate screen changer

XPS screen changer is composed of screen changer main body, sliding plate, high temperature oil cylinder, heater, etc. The screen changer is specially designed for butane filled, chlorofluorocarbon, carbon dioxide and other gas products, which are prone to explosive, gas leakage, glue leakage, etc. The sealing parts are made of special alloy steel, which are specially processed through tempering, nitriding, fine grinding and other processes. The integrated structure avoids explosive, material le

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