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Screen changer hydraulic station

Hydraulic station for screen changer is composed of a pump device, an integrated block, a valve combination, a fuel tank, an electric control, and a accumulator. It works with hydraulic screen changer together.

Screen changer hydraulic station     Hydraulic station for screen changer
Hydraulic station for screen changer Performance features:
Is the power system for the replacement and cleaning of the screen changers..
Hydraulic station points for band storing can tank type and general type of two, with accumulator tank of the hydraulic station is usually used in the network for single board and single column type exchangers, for network instant cutting, so must be energy savings reached the moment of changing the net;
Non accumulator type usually used in double in and double column for network device, in the process of changing the net always have a network component and at work, not cutting, at this time will have to request for network smoothly and minimize the impact of downstream products.

Hydraulic station for screen changer Working principle:
Motor driven pump rotation, pump oil absorption from the tank, mechanical energy into hydraulic pressure energy, hydraulic oil through the manifold or valve combination implementation of the direction, pressure and flow regulation after the connected pipeline hydraulic and mechanical cylinder to control the direction of the motive fluid mechanical transformation force size and speed the pace of and promoting the various acting hydraulic machinery. The screen changer working with hydraulic station is hydraulic screen changer.

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