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Single-plate Continuous Screen Changer

Single-plate continuous screen changer consists of main body, slide plate, heater, hydraulic unit, temperature control system and pressure monitoring system. The continuous hydraulic screen changer for extruder features and applications are as follows.

Single-plate continuous screen changer

Single-plate Continuous Screen Changer Features:
With highly precise design, abrasive resistant, high pressure performance, ensuring larger effective filtration area and enhancing filtration effect.
Simple operation and easy cleaning process.
Extrusion screen changer works well even under high temperature up to 300 ℃ and high pressure up to 50 MPa.
Breaker plates can be taken out from slide plate for easy cleaning. It is especially suitable for EPE, EPS production.

Single-plate Continuous Screen Changer Applications:
Blown film and cast film (Bubble pack, Medical, Food Wrap)
Sheet (Foam, Strapping, plastic cardboard)
Coating (Hot melt adhesive)
Pipe (Corrugated, Gas Pipe) and profile
Compounding (Master batch, filler)
Wire and cable extrusion
Tubing (Medical, Industrial, Irrigation)
Fibers (Monofilament)
Blow molding
Pelletizing (strands and underwater)
Recycling of most polymers

Different from the above single-plate continuous screen changer, it changes the screen without interrupting extrusion production.

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