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    extrusion hydraulic screen changer for Rubber
    The extrusion hydraulic screen changer for Rubber is designed to work with two channels inside. It contains two screens that work at the same time: one screen works, while the other one is changed during the process of screen replacements, thus the replacement without machine halt is ensured and no interrupt of material fluid and of production will occur. Therefore, the screen changer meets the customers requirement of higher productivity and better quality. extrusion hydraulic screen changer fo
    extrusion screen changer
    extrusion screen changer Product use: Used for sheet, plate, pipe, coated, blown film, wire, cable, special-shaped material, granulation, color masterbatch, engineering granulation, blending granulation, cable materials, functional masterbatch, synthetic granulation, recycling granulation) etc. Suitable for all thermoplastics. extrusion screen changer Product description: New high-speed network is widely used in all kinds of plastic and chemical fiber production.High cost performance, and to ens
    batte hydraulic extrusion screen changer
    The company mass-produced the standard model of hydraulic extrusion screen changer, which is specially designed for the extruder manufacturer. It is short-term delivery, durable and integrated body. It can change screens quickly without stopping the machine. It adopts electric heating and standard connection ports. . This screen changer has little effect on extrusion production and can be applied to most plastic and rubber extrusion processes. Screen speed of one to 1.5 seconds, depending on the
    Double column screen changer
    This type double column screen changer is designed to double column cartridge-type structure, even large filtration area, such as large capacity screen changer. Double-column large capacity screen changer can reduce the frequency of changing network,
    Continuous belt screen changer
    Belt screen changer is one kind of advanced screen changers, and this full automatic plastic extrusion screen changer is one or more of the filter or automatic switching means for plasticized material flows in the filter to filter out foreign particle
    Manual screen changers
    Manual screen changers are discontinuous screen changers suitable for low output extruder under 90kg/h, and manual screen changer for extrusion has special features and advantages compared with hydraulic screen changers.
    Filter without wire mesh
    Filter without wire mesh includes filter without wire mesh for continuous discharging of wastes in continuous production, pelletizer filter without wire mesh, and other types of extrusion polymer filter.
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