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Manual screen changers

Manual screen changers are discontinuous screen changers suitable for low output extruder under 90kg/h, and manual screen changer for extrusion has special features and advantages compared with hydraulic screen changers.

Filter without wire mesh

Filter without wire mesh includes filter without wire mesh for continuous discharging of wastes in continuous production, pelletizer filter without wire mesh, and other types of extrusion polymer filter.

Plate type screen changer

Plate type screen changer is used in all fields of polymer extrusion. Screen changers for polymer extrusion also called extruder screen changer, will meet your melt filtration needs of your extrusion lines.

Single column screen changer

Single column screen changer is used to filter out the foreign particles and impurities when the plastic material flow is filtered. Melt extrusion screen changer, also called screen changer extrusion, is used for extrusion system to improve the qualit

Screen changer hydraulic station

Hydraulic station for screen changer is composed of a pump device, an integrated block, a valve combination, a fuel tank, an electric control, and a accumulator. It works with hydraulic screen changer together.

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