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Single-piston Continuous Screen Changers

Single-piston Continuous Screen Changers are designed to give constant pressure during the polymer processing. Two filters work alternately for quick screen changing operation. The features are as follows.

Single-piston Continuous Screen Changer

Single-piston Continuous Screen Changers features:
Made of high-performance steel
Special processing and heat treatment methods for improved reliability and durability
Screen of high precision design, abrasive resistance, and high pressure performance
Perform well even under high temperature up to 400℃ and high pressure up to 50MPa
Stable and continuous screen changing process, with automatic alarm, automatic pressure release.
Leak-free, automatic air ventilation design

Single-piston Continuous Screen Changers Benefits:
Optimized flow channels to ensure constant polymer melt flow.
Efficient, reliable and leakage-free
The melt flow is stable and continuous during screen changing process
Reduce product line downtime thus increasing productivity
Reduced inlet pressure at extrusion die
Reduced temperature variations in the melt

In addition to the Single-piston Continuous Screen Changers, Batte also supplies Double-piston continuous screen changer, Double-piston Continuous with 4 working positions, creen changer for extruder, etc.

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