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Products for recycling applications
Products for recycling applications are used for systems and production lines. Its comprehensive range of components and solutions spans the entire production line from gear pump to filtration, and pelletizing.

Products for recycling applications

Products for recycling applications:
Gear pumps
Continuous and discontinuous screen changers as well as backflush filters
Underwater strand pelletizing systems
Dry-cut strand pelletizing systems
Systems for underwater spherical pelletizing
Integrated control of all production line components

Many hundreds of our melt pumps, filtration units and pelletizing systems are now in operation around the world in a broad range of recycling applications, delivering maximum performance and profitability for our customers.

Recycling applications:
Recycling of all thermoplastic polymers
Recycling of polyester in combination with PET direct crystallization
In-line recycling during production of PET strapping

No matter how your production process is designed, or what recycling method you are using, we can offer you the ideal Products for recycling applications, even specific applications.

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