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Large Area Filtration

Reliable Large Area Filtration has become a given in the production process. Batte filter systems are the choice for any application that requires the highest filtering quality and the shortest possible residence times.

Large Area Filtration technology:
It is growing in importance for product quality and, ultimately, end customer satisfaction. The degree to which products have to be filtered, and the rates at which they have to be filtered, is also increasing.

That is why the filter technology team at Batte is committed to continuously improving and expanding the range of our large area filtration systems and candle based filtration systems. Batte filter systems are the choice for any application that requires the highest filtering quality and the shortest possible residence times. Our engineers have developed methods to model your conditions, resulting in the optimum filter system design.

Filtration Units for Every Application:
Batte supplies large area filtration systems in two designs. The customer can choose the optimum system dependent on application and budget. Batte’s duplex polymer filtration system was designed with considerable input from users of such systems. By combining our modeling and technical expertise with a patented slide valve design with PLC controlled actuation, Batte’s duplex filter systems can be designed to minimize viscosity losses during switchovers and provide bumpless transfers. The simplex polymer filtration systems provide large-area filtration in polymer and extrusion lines where continuous operation is not required.

Filtration Units Benefits:
Minimized residence time
Improved heat transfer efficiency
Improved sealing, venting and draining
Simplified vessel changeout
Improved accessibility and safer operation
Simplified switchover (virtually bumpless)
Reliable operation
Improved access for maintenance
Automated controls available

Filtration Units Options:
Actuated Vent Valves
Drain Valves (manual and actuated)
Piston and spool valves available upon request

Screen Changer in the Large Area Filtration:
Batte Pump Systems large area screen changers are based on the proven double-piston design that operates without additional seals and is fitted with candle filter elements. The screen changer design is ideal for applications calling for a large-area fine filtration process.

Screen Changer in the Large Area Filtration

Screen Changer in the Large Area Filtration Benefits:
Melt residence time < 30 seconds
Filter change within a few minutes
Leak-free mode of operation
Simple and safe handling
Low pressure consumption
Filtration with micronex candle elements, multinex candle filter elements, arched woven wire screens, lead disc stacks

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