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Application of hydraulic plate screen changer in the field of chemical fiber production

In the process of chemical fiber production, because of the change of material, equipment, technology and product variety, waste silk is inevitable. With the rapid increase of chemical fiber production capacity, chemical fiber waste is also increasing. If it is not used, on the one hand, it will form solid waste, even white waste; on the other hand, fossil resources such as oil are not renewable, so the chemical fiber industry downstream of petrochemical industry needs to recycle and reuse this

Automatic Switching Device screen changer

The screen changer is a manual or automatic switching device consisting of one or more screen changer filters , which is used to filter out foreign particles and impurities when plasticizing material flow filters. The filter is supported by an alloy porous plate, which is mounted on a plate or column carrier. The carrier can be moved to switch between the working position of a system and the off-line non-working position. The net changer can be installed on any new or existing extruder, melt pum

New structure of drip irrigation belt blown film non-stop screen changer

Zhengzhou Batte is a professional manufacturer of net changer. It mainly provides net changer equipment for the manufacture of chemical fibers, blown film, flat film, tape film, pipes, plates, wires, fibers, granulation, recycling and granulation. This paper introduces in detail the structure of a new type of drip irrigation belt blown film non-stop screen changer . Irrigation belt, water hose and drip irrigation pipe have high equipment speed, high production pressure and thin product thickness

Structure of PET Packing Belt Non-stop screen Changer

The packaged belt non-stop net screen change r adopts a multi-station structure, which is a four-station net changer. The four nets can work at the same time without interruption of material flow and fluctuation of material flow pressure. It has a preheated exhaust structure, which can fully eliminate the gas in the material and the porous plate to be replaced, so as to improve the quality of products. The packaged belt net changer is adopted. The rigid sealing structure extends the service life

Misuse of Gear Pump

Misalignment of intake port of gear pump intake pipe Many pilots think that this can improve the practical lift. The actual lift of gear pump is equal to the total lift to the lost lift. When the type of gear pump is determined, the total lift is certain; the loss of lift mainly comes from the resistance of the pipeline, the smaller the diameter of the pipe, the greater the apparent resistance, so the larger the loss of lift, the cause of stainless steel corrosion analysis, so after reducing the

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