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Automation extrusion control systems

Automation extrusion control systems are controllers used for equipment of extrusion lines. They have different components and control details which depend on the applications and requirement of customers.

Automation extrusion control systems

Automation extrusion control systems types, benefits, and control details:
1). this solution has been integrated into a frequency converter. Its characteristics include simple and clear operation, integrated pressure control and easy fault diagnosis via error codes. It is also a price-optimised automation solution for small volumes of investment.
Control details:
Screen: Parker control panel
Heating zone: External
Analogue inputs/outputs: 4/1
Melt temperature / pressure measurements: -/2

2). the solution with its well-coordinated standard version, covers a wide spectrum of applications and opens the door to production processes that operate under ideal and reproducible conditions.
Control details:
Screen: 7" colour touchscreen
Heating zones:  max. 16
Analogue inputs/outputs: 4/2
Melt temperature / pressure measurements: 1/3

3). Coextrusion lines with multiple heating zones, filter monitoring or additional drives cannot be controlled using a small control and operating unit. Specifically developed for that purpose, the solution is very user-friendly and clearly arranged. The operating data is displayed logically and operation is simple and intuitive.
Control details:
Screen: 12" colour touchscreen
Heating zones: max. 32
Analogue inputs/outputs: 8/4
Melt temperature / pressure measurements: 2/6

4). The automation system is particularly suited to the equipping of complete complex extrusion and compounding plants which require customised solutions.
Control details:
Screen: 19" colour touchscreen
Heating zones: max. 48
Analogue inputs/outputs: 16/8
Melt temperature / pressure measurements: 13/10

5). The automation system is particularly suited to equip and fully automatic control of the backflush screen changer.
Control details:
Screen: 10" colour touchscreen
Heating zones: max. 8
Transducers: Micropulse transducers with Analog of Profibus interface
Pressure measurements: 2

Automation extrusion control systems can be customized. Extrusion gear pumps, screen changers, loss in weight feeders, and these control system are used for improving the quality of products.

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