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Automatic Screen Changer

Automatic Screen Changer consists of belt screen, heating and cooling system, and control system. Automatic Screen Changer is suitable PP, PE, ABS, PS, PMMA, and other polymer materials.

Automatic Screen Changer

Automatic Screen Changer Features:
Continuous production with automatic and constant screen changing process, no manual operation
Minimized material flow and pressure fluctuation during whole production process, excellent product stability
Reducing waste and raw materials consumption

Automatic Screen Changer Benefits:
This type extruison screen changer guarantees continuous production, and requires no operator assistance while running.
Higher Product Quality
It has no motor or moving mechanical parts. It requires minimum maintenance interventions, continuous production achievable evening during belt screen replacement.

Automatic Screen Changer Applications:
Blown film and cast film
Wire and cable extrusion
Blow molding

The Filtering time and band moving rate are automatically controlled by pressure sensing elements of the system, no manual operation or monitoring required for Automatic Screen Changer.

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