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Misuse of Gear Pump

  Misalignment of intake port of gear pump intake pipe

  Many pilots think that this can improve the practical lift. The actual lift of gear pump is equal to the total lift to the lost lift. When the type of gear pump is determined, the total lift is certain; the loss of lift mainly comes from the resistance of the pipeline, the smaller the diameter of the pipe, the greater the apparent resistance, so the larger the loss of lift, the cause of stainless steel corrosion analysis, so after reducing the diameter of the pipe, the practical lift of gear pump can not be added, but will be reduced, resulting in lower pump power.

  Similarly, when a small diameter gear pump is pumped with a large water pipe, it will not reduce the pump's practical lift, but will reduce the lost lift due to the reduction of pipeline resistance, making the practical lift improve. Others think that when a small diameter gear pump pumps with a large pipe, it will inevitably add a lot of motor load. They think that when the pipe diameter increases, the water in the outlet pipe will have a great pressure on the impeller of the gear pump, so it will add a lot of motor load. It is unknown that the size of the liquid pressure is only related to the concave and convex head, but not to the size of the cross-section of the water pipe.

  As long as the head is fixed, the impeller size of the gear pump remains unchanged. No matter how big the diameter of the tube is, the pressure acting on the impeller is certain. With the increase of pipe diameter, the flow resistance will decrease, and the flow rate will be increased, and the power consumption will be properly added. But as long as it is within the rated lift range, no matter how the diameter of the pipe is added, the gear pump can work normally, and it can also reduce the loss of the pipeline and improve the power of the gear pump.

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