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Manual screen changer for extrusion processes
Manual screen changers from Batte have been the fi rst choice of cost-effective fi ltration systems in extrusion lines for many years. Starting at size 45, the manual screen changers optionally come with transmission gearing. Here, the breaker plate is equipped with patented gearing and a pinion which allows an effortless screen change even in restricted space conditions or high sealing pressures. The manual screen changer guarantees the protection of gear pumps and fi ne extrusion die gaps from damage and dirt accumulation. This robust and solid design of the manual screen changers, which consists of a few elements only, is equipped with a pressure-adaptive sealing system as standard. This sealing system adjusts the required sealing forces to the actual melt pressure automatically. Rheologically optimized fl ow channels and compact dimensions guarantee a short residence time of the molten material in the fi lter and a simple installation, even in existing extrusion lines. One breaker plate remains in the melt fl ow during the operation of the line, while the second breaker plate equipped with the clean fi lter cloth is in stand-by position outside the housing. The line has to be stopped for a short while to accomplish the screen change procedure. Then the clean breaker plate is moved into the melt fl ow channel by a simple manual swivelling movement, while the contaminated breaker plate is positioned outside.

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