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automatic screen changer extrusion

Automatic screen changer extrusion referred to as the extruder, it is the use of screw pressure way to continuously plasticized material from the extruder barrel through the die mouth extrusion, so that in the molten state, after cooling stereotypes , The product extruded continuously from the die port by a traction device or a forming device is pulled onto a cutting machine for fixed length cutting.

1, automatic screen changer extrusion production line of the main components and role: extruder production line mainly by the host and auxiliary two major components.

A, the main host by: rotating system, temperature control system, feeding system, vacuum exhaust system. The role of the various parts are as follows: Rotation system: the use of DC or frequency control, the screw speed from 0-31r / min or 0-43r / min stepless speed regulation of the screw to the molten material through the die mouth extrusion The Temperature control system: the use of automatic temperature regulator with the corresponding heating ring, thermocouple and thermostat device (air-cooled, oil-cooled), indirect raw materials according to the requirements of temperature control, to achieve the ideal melt plasticized state. Feeding system: the weight of the stepless speed control device or the raw material itself plus the hopper plate to continuously feed the material into the extruder's screw to achieve quantitative feeding and continuous extrusion through the die port. Vacuum exhaust system: the vacuum pump is equipped with a particle separator to extract the material within the barrel when the melting of water vapor, volatiles, etc., in order to achieve the elimination of water, volatile and so on.

B, automatic screen changer extrusion machine mainly by: stereotypes box (Taiwan) or molding machine, traction machine, cutting machine, printing (Penma) machine, turning rack, feeding machine, flaring machine and other components, the role of each part is as follows: Box (set): by the stereotypes sets (mold) with spray or bubble-like cooling water, the use of vacuum pump to form a negative pressure inside the mold (mold), so that the molten state of the product stereotypes solidified into the ideal qualified products. Molding machine: by a certain size, the number of modules, the mold extrusion products stereotypes and cooling after a continuous traction to the cutting machine for fixed length cutting (usually corrugated pipe dedicated unit). Tractor: The use of crawler or drum tractor to the host from the mold mouth extrusion products smooth and continuous traction to the cutting machine and turn the rack. The change in the speed of the tractor will directly affect the cross-sectional wall thickness and shape of the product. Cutting machine: the use of pneumatic mechanical devices, the length of the device using the ring or rolling knife blade according to the length of the required products for automatic or manual cutting. Printing (inkjet) machine: the name of the molded products, models, specifications, such as continuous printing or printing on the production of products. Turn the rack: the use of pneumatic devices so that products from the long station, in order to achieve the purpose of the new long. Flaring machine: the production of qualified products in accordance with the requirements of customers for automatic or manual flaring.

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