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What are the areas of application of the continuous hydraulic screen changer?

As an important part of extrusion and polymerization production lines, screen changers are increasingly widely used in related industries. There are various types of screen changers, which can be categorized into discontinuous screen changers, continuous screen changers, and continuous backwash screen changers only in terms of their performance. The following is a specific description of the application areas of continuous hydraulic screen changer?

hydraulic extrusion screen changer

Continuous hydraulic screen changer is mostly based on double-column, single-column, single-plate can also be designed as a continuous type, but its performance is not as good as double-column type screen changer. Continuous hydraulic screen changer from the screen shape can also be divided into round, long, curved, cylindrical, rectangular, etc., its screen changing process pressure and process is relatively stable, the main application areas are as follows:

hydraulic screen changer

1, direct extrusion: film, profiles, sheets, tubes, fibers, baling tape, pulling strips of granulation;

2, co-mingling: underwater pelletizing, water ring pelletizing, pull-strip pelletizing, etc.;

3、Raw material production: polymerization production line;

4、Recycling production: recycled material production, production of waste products in production, production of trimmings in production, etc..

continuous screen changer

Screen changer selection needs to be considered when the applicable output, material viscosity, material composition, filtration accuracy (mesh), equipment pressure and other factors, the specific selection depends on the actual process parameters design.


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