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Application, working principle and characteristics of double column backflush screen changer

Introduction to Double Column Backflush Screen Changer

The hydraulic screen changer can be installed on any new or existing extruder, melt pump, reactor, or other extrusion production line. It can be used to filter any type of polymer, rubber, or ceramic melt. The dual column backwash screen changer is a type of screen changer. The active backwash screen changer is generally composed of the screen changer body, plunger, metal filter screen, porous plate, filter support, backwash body, backwash plunger, etc. The driving part is mostly hydraulic cylinder.

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Working principle of fully automatic backwash screen changer

The plastic melt flows through the filter screen on the plunger, and impurities are filtered out by the metal filter screen. The impurities on the filter screen gradually accumulate, and the melt pressure increases accordingly. When the melt pressure in front of the mesh reaches the set value, the backwash plunger moves downward under the propulsion of the hydraulic cylinder, causing a small portion of the melt to flow backwards. Take out the impurities accumulated on the filter screen. When the time of melt backflow reaches the preset time, the backwash plunger starts to move upwards under the effect of the hydraulic cylinder. A small portion of the melt backflows, bringing out the impurities accumulated on the filter screen. After the backflow reaches the preset time, the backwash plunger recovers to its original position. This completes an active cleaning process of the filter screen, achieving the purpose of cleaning the filter screen. The filter can be reused to greatly extend the interval between screen changes and can be continuously produced for a long time.

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Characteristics of dual column backflush screen changer

1. Especially suitable for the recycling and processing of waste plastics;

2. It has the function of actively cleaning the filter screen, which can significantly reduce the frequency of screen replacement and avoid frequent squeezing and screen replacement;

3. High backwashing efficiency, avoiding production pauses, increasing production and saving energy, and saving production costs;

4. When changing the mesh, the material flow pressure remains unchanged, the flow rate is stable, there is no instantaneous interruption, and there is no melt leakage.

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Selection reference for hydraulic extrusion screen changer

The selection of screen changer should be based on several factors such as materials, product types, production volume, material pressure within the system, and automation level. The general principle is: when the product quality is high, the production efficiency is high, the production process is long, and the degree of automation is high, choose a continuous screen changer without stopping the machine. The filter mesh can be replaced without interrupting the product. It has the advantages of increasing production, energy conservation, easy operation, and no waste. The production process is short, the degree of automation is low, and the product quality requirements are not high. You can choose a fast and non-stop screen changer. Quick screen changer saves time, is inexpensive, and saves investment.


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