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What advantages can the application of screen changer bring?

As long as the melt is produced, a screen changer will be used to filter impurities in the melt. The screen changer is a manual or automatic switching device including one or more screens, which is used to filter out foreign particles and impurities when plasticizing the polymer melt flow filter screen. For example, there are non-woven fabrics, chemical fiber spinning, petrochemical granulation, rubber, industrial ceramics, expanded food, transparent soap, hot melt rubber, tape, protective net and so on. The screen changer for industrial clay is a plate type screen changer, which is chrome plated and waterproof to prevent rusting; The special screen changer for rubber production is a plate type screen changer, which uses water cooling to reduce temperature, so as to prevent rubber coking due to excessive temperature; The special screen changer for non-woven fabric production is a double column screen changer. The main material is high-quality alloy steel, which is resistant to high temperature and high pressure; The large-scale petrochemical screen changer is a super large area double column screen changer. The heating method is heat transfer oil heating, and the heating is uniform; The screen changer for chemical fiber spinning is a large area double column screen changer with large filtration area and large production capacity.

hydraulic screen changer for plastic extrusion

The installation and application of the screen changer can reduce the power cost caused by the cooling and heating caused by the shutdown, reduce the waste materials caused by the shutdown and dismantling, reduce the waste rate caused by impurities, reduce the overtime cost and labor intensity caused by the shutdown and dismantling of workers, and increase the production capacity. The screen changer can be installed on any new or existing extruder, melt pump. It can be used to filter any type of polymer, rubber or ceramic melt. It is used for melt filter screen changer used in extrusion production lines of plastics, rubber, chemical fiber and ceramics. These screen changers – from low-cost manual screen changers to highly complex automatic screen changers with constant pressure and without shutdown, are suitable for extruders with screw diameters of 35mm to 300mm. Bring you more enterprise benefits and create more business value for you!

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