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The knowledge of the extrusion screen changer

Most plastic materials contain impurities. These impurities can be easily removed by installing mesh changers on the flow path of polymer melt after the extruder. The net is the textile SkyDrive with the same diameter as the extruder barrel.

In order to replace the blocking mesh, remove the downstream equipment first, replace the old network with clean mesh, and reinstall it to the production line.

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There is no need to shut down and spend labor in replacing network group. According to its design, it can be divided into two main types: interchangeability screen changer  and continuous type screen changer.

The interchangeability screen changer has two identical groups. One of them is installed on the melt flow path. When the net group is dirty, replace it with another set of clean ones. At the same time, the old same group was replaced. The two sets of nets are mounted on the same steel plate, revolving around one axis or sliding along the guide rail. The former is operated by lever, and the latter is driven by hydraulic pressure from side to side to slide back and forth. Another way to change the net is to use a valve to make the solution flow from the blocked group to the new one.

Continuous screen changer: continuous network changer moves the new network gradually to the melt flow while removing the old network. The speed of changing the network can be automatically adjusted according to the impurity quality. With continuous net changer, the pressure and melt temperature change during intermittent operation can be eliminated.

A group of continuous mesh screen changer is designed according to the rotary skateboard. Some nets are arranged on the periphery of the ratchet mechanical drive turntable. Turn the turntable, and used old group to move out of the melt flow and replace it with the new one before touching the melt flow.

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