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Column continuous screen changers have advantages in structural design

Domestic professional screen changer manufacturer, has the most advanced equipment and processing technology and improve after-sales service process, to provide users with all aspects of the melt filter program. Bart screen changer manufacturers design column continuous screen changer, what are the characteristics of the structure it, the following will be a detailed analysis and answer.

Double-column four-station hydraulic screen changer

Batte design and production of continuous columnar screen changer is no mechanical seal structure, it can effectively ensure that the equipment does not seepage at high temperature and pressure, to achieve rapid continuous network operation; it uses a one-piece structure, no bearing gap, With high pressure and other advantages (compared to the plate screen changer, the column screen changer is more suitable for high temperature and pressure melt filtration operations); Bart designed quick screen changer is made of high quality alloy steel through nitrogen It can improve the service life of the equipment. It can change the net work, the flow pressure is unchanged, the flow is stable, there is no need to shut down the net and ensure the quality of the products. It is also equipped with safety shielding device to effectively protect the operator Life is safe, embodies the "people-oriented" design concept. Zhengzhou Butter designed and produced column screen changers include: double-column four-station screen changer, double-column four-station backwash screen changer, they have a strong production capacity, high temperature, high pressure, without shutting the net for such advantages . For details of some screen changer parameters or product pricing, please consult our website on the 24-hour service hotline.

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