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Multi-layer co-extruded cast film extrusion die technology is a traditional film extrusion production process. The advantage of the process is the high processing accuracy, and can maximize the performance of the material being processed. Especially in the processing of high barrier multilayer co-extruded cast film, with unparalleled advantages.

Films made from multi-layer co-extruded cast film extrusion die, because of their ability to compound a wide range of materials with different properties with each other during extrusion, allow the product to combine the excellent properties of different materials and, Complement each other to achieve the desired properties and appearance of the product, such as barrier properties to oxygen and moisture, barrier properties, transparency, fragrance protection, thermal insulation, UV protection, stain resistance, high temperature cooking, low temperature heat Sealing and strength, stiffness, hardness and other mechanical properties.

Such films are mainly used in the packaging industry needs complex, specialized high-grade film. Its product range includes: low temperature heat sealing film, aluminum substrate film, high barrier film, cooking film, matting film, antistatic film, antimicrobial film, PVB explosion-proof film and so on. These multi-layer composite films with comprehensive properties can be widely used in the packaging of food, beverage, tea, meat products, agricultural products, seafood, textiles, chemical products, health care products, medical supplies, stationery, cosmetics and the like.

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