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Melt pressure continuous screen changers

Screen changer small size, easy installation, no changes to the original extruder, can be installed in any type of plastic extruder head. This type of screen changer is suitable for filtering HDPE, LDPE, PP and other thermoplastics, and adding pull net auxiliary device can filter regenerated materials, more shows its superiority.

Melt pressure continuous screen changers have the biggest advantages of several points, first, when changing the network flow pressure without change, the flow rate is stable, no instantaneous flow phenomenon, will not cause product defects, without re-traction for high-quality filter Products such as flat wire, monofilament, agricultural film, salivary membrane, lamination, laminating, sheeting, etc .; the second is the use of melt self-sealing system to solve the problem of long-term troubled screen changer melt leakage; third Do not need power driven screen changer. These advantages are also the key technologies for melt-pressure continuous screen changers. At present, this type of screen changer has been widely used in plastic extrusion machines at home and abroad. The technology for screen replacement is very mature and reliable.

Practice has proved that the plastic extruder installed this continuous, non-stop screen changer, the economic efficiency is very significant, compared with the artificial network increased output, saving energy, reducing labor, improve product quality, reduce the amount of recycled materials Etc., can reduce the production cost about 10%.

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