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Screen changer and melt filter belongs to the Filtration Systems, which developed, designed and manufactured by Batte. Screen changers are well established in the plastic processing. The following is the details.

screen changer

Screen changer types and applications, filtration system:
Main application fields discontinuous screen changers:
quality filtration of virgin polymers
protection of downstream equipment (pump protection)
Masterbatch production and compounding (small batches)

Main application fields continuous screen changers:
Direct extrusion (films, fibres/straps, profiles, sheets, tubes, etc.)
Compounding (underwater-, strand-, watering pelletizing)
Raw material production (polymerisation)
Recycling (genuine recycled material and production waste/inhouse recycling)
High pressure and process constancy also during screen change.
Design in each case adapted to the process with regard to filter area and pressure constancy.

Main application fields continuous backflush screen changers:
All kinds of recycling (pelletizing and direct extrusion)
Processes with high demands concerning the process constancy
For increasing the screen life times (in polymerisation and direct extrusion)
High pressure and process constancy also during screen change.
Pressure and volume flow constant backflush screen changers.

Main application fields pressure and volume flow constant backflush screen changers:
Very sensitive processes with high portion of recycled material (fibres/straps/non-wovens, films, especially PET recycling)
For ensuring a high process and volume flow constancy.

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