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Meltblown double column hydraulic screen changer

Meltblown double column non-stop screen changer is used for chemical fiber, blown film, flat film, cast film production, pipe, sheet, wire, fiber manufacturing, pelletizing line, recycling, etc. The role of meltblown double column screen changer in meltblown production line is: to filter out the impurities in the melt so as not to block the spinneret holes.

melt blown double column screen changer
melt blown continuous screen changer

The role of meltblown hydraulic screen changer in meltblown fabric production line is: to filter out the impurities in the melt so as not to block the spinneret holes.

continuous screen changer
Meltblown fabric production line process

Advantages of meltblown double column hydraulic screen changer

1、No interruption of the material flow, no interruption of the product, to achieve non-stop screen changing operation.

2、Large filtering area, suitable for different materials, different products extrusion production.

3, has good sealing characteristics, rigid sealing, long service life.

4、It is suitable for high production capacity, high efficiency, large extrusion equipment, high output continuous operation.

Standard configuration of metering pump and filter (screen changer) in melt blown cloth production line
Screw specifications Output
Width of melt blown cloth Model of metering pump
Model of filter (screen changer)
Φ45 10-20kg/h 600mm ZB-M-10CC ZB-2MR-100
Φ65 20-60kg/h 1200mm ZB-M-20CC ZB-2MR-120
Φ90 60-100kg/h 1600mm ZB-M-30CC ZB-2MR-150
Φ105 80-150kg/h 2400mm ZB-M-50CC ZB-2MR-175
Φ120 150-200kg/h 3200mm ZB-M-100CC ZB-2MR-195

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