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The Solution of Screen Changer in Plastic Recycling

In the production process of plastic extrusion, there may be various impurities and fine crystal particles with incomplete plasticization in the raw materials. Even for brand new materials, there may be impurities present during transportation and production. If not filtered, it can lead to a decrease in product quality, an increase in defective products, and even damage the extrusion equipment, leading to production interruption.

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As an essential equipment in the production process of the extrusion industry, the continuous Screen Changer in Plastic Recycling of the extruder can not only effectively filter impurities in raw materials and improve product quality, but also reduce material loss, time cost, and labor cost caused by screen changing, resulting in improved production efficiency and energy conservation of the production line.

Screen Changer in Plastic Recycling

The performance of the screen changer for plastic extruder equipment varies, and it can truly achieve free switching of the filtering station under high temperature and high pressure conditions without material leakage. Only then can it be called a qualified extruder without stopping the screen changer.


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