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plastic filter without filtering net

It is a kind of plastic filter without filtering net, which is called non net die head, filter free filter, automatic removal of miscellaneous die head, automatic dregs filter, non stop miscellaneous die head, non stop automatic spit impurity mold head, etc.

The main features of the net - free and non - stop machine (filter) are: automatic miscellaneous, no filter, environmental protection and electricity saving, increase production, strengthen plasticization, no loss, simple manipulation and so on. It is the upgrading product of plastic granulator extrusion industry.

There is a high precision and super wear-resistant alloy steel mesh filter with high precision and ultra strong wear resistance. The filter has an anti clogging unidirectional melt filtration microporous made of high precision machining equipment on the filter. It plays the key role of allowing the melting plastic to pass through and obstructing the impurities. In addition, the filter system is equipped with synchronous operation. In addition to miscellaneous scrapers, the melt plastic is passed through a fine hole, impurities and dirt are left on the side of the filter plate; impurities are removed at a speed of 3 rotation per minute by removing impurities. In this process, some of the impurities are pushed to the storage chamber with impurities, thus reaching the order of continuous reciprocating filtration, and the impurities in the storage chamber are accumulated to a certain extent. After the number, the operating workers discharge impurities through the manual miscellaneous mechanism (manual dismiscellaneous filter without net filter), so it is so weekly to achieve 24 hours uninterrupted automatic slag discharge, without the function of filter net.

It greatly improves the use efficiency of the regenerated plastic extruder, reduces the labor intensity of the workers, reduces the use cost, improves the production efficiency, brings great convenience to the production, and saves energy and environmental protection, avoids the large consumption of the traditional filter net, and the cost is high, and the incineration will produce two times of pollution after the use. Point.

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