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New structure of drip irrigation belt blown film non-stop screen changer

  Zhengzhou Batte is a professional manufacturer of net changer. It mainly provides net changer equipment for the manufacture of chemical fibers, blown film, flat film, tape film, pipes, plates, wires, fibers, granulation, recycling and granulation. This paper introduces in detail the structure of a new type of drip irrigation belt blown film non-stop screen changer.

  Irrigation belt, water hose and drip irrigation pipe have high equipment speed, high production pressure and thin product thickness, which require high pressure-bearing capacity of net screen changer. According to this characteristic, Bart developed a new type of drip irrigation belt film blowing non-stop net changer, which adopts integral structure. The equipment consists of the main body of net changer, slide plate, high temperature oil cylinder, net block, plus. The sealing parts of the new mesh changer are made of special alloy steel and processed by tempering, nitriding, fine grinding, etc. The pressure of 55Mpa production can ensure no deformation and material leakage. The design of automatic compensating sealing structure ensures that the larger the extrusion pressure, the tighter the sealing, and cooperates with the energy storage type fast hydraulic station. The production line can change the network without stopping, no leakage, high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, easy to change the network, simple operation and less waste of changing the network.

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