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pc wave board is a high quality, excellent toughness polycarbonate wave board, which features high impact resistance, clarity, light weight, diversity and UV tolerance. PC Langban show excellent weathering, durability, and fire performance. Making it ideal for roofing of houses, patios, carports, balconies, awnings, screens, gazebo and swimming pools, etc. PC Langban can also be used as roofing material for industrial and agricultural buildings. PC modified acid and alkali, need to add uv to anti-aging.

PVC pipe extrusion line of China Plastic Sheet Extrusion Die is a new twin-screw pipe extrusion line, is an efficient mixing, extrusion equipment. This tapered twin-screw PVC pipe extrusion line with a small shear rate, the material is not easy to break down, plasticizing and mixing, stable quality, high yield, wide application, long service life and so on. Coupled with a variety of molds and auxiliary production lines, it can be made of PVC powder tube, plate, profile and other different cross-section of plastic products. VC Pipe Extrusion Line Host SJZ-55/133 or SJZ-65/132 Conical Twin Screw Pipe Extrusion Line, with Double Tube and Double Slot Single Controlled Stainless Steel Cooling Forming Machine, which avoids the need for one pipe adjustment during production Affecting the waste of production of another tube. The automatic single-control dual-traction dual-cutting machine integrates double stereotypes in front of the machine to make the operation more flexible, so that you can enjoy the benefits of single-control and double-tube dual-slot. PVC pipe extrusion line diameter from Φ20-Φ63 / Φ10-Φ40mm, can take full advantage of extrusion line extrusion capacity, even for the production of small-diameter trunking line tube can achieve very high yield.

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