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What are the heating methods for the screen changer?

The heating methods of the screen changer mainly include the following:

External heating plate or heating ring: This heating method heats the mesh exchanger through an external heating plate or heating ring, thereby achieving heating and insulation of the melt.

Built in heating tube: Built in heating tube is another common heating method for extruder screen changer, which directly heats the melt through the built-in heating tube, with advantages such as high heating efficiency and precise temperature control.

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Comprehensive heating method: In addition to the two common heating methods mentioned above, a comprehensive heating method can also be adopted according to actual needs, which combines multiple heating methods such as external heating plates (coils) and internal heating tubes to meet the needs of different processes and melt characteristics.

Heat medium heating: According to user needs, the mesh changer can also use heat medium heating method. Heat medium heating is the transfer of heat through circulating heat medium (such as thermal oil, steam, etc.) to achieve heating of the mesh exchanger. This heating method has the advantages of wide temperature control range and uniform heating.

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It should be noted that different types of screen exchangers and process requirements may require different heating methods. Therefore, when choosing the heating method for the screen changer, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the actual needs and process characteristics.


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