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Structure, working principle, parameter configuration, and usage method of single plate screen changer

The structure of the single plate screen changer consists of a main body, a reciprocating sliding plate, a hydraulic cylinder, a heater, a detachable porous plate, and a centralized wiring protection device (which can be used for centralized wiring, safety protection, and waste collection). The single plate hydraulic screen changer is designed with a main body as the overall structure, and adopts compensatory sealing to ensure no leakage and smooth flow channels. It is a widely used and cost-effective hydraulic screen changer product.

For a single plate dual station screen changer, its working principle is to have two filtering stations on a skateboard, one working and one standby. When it is necessary to replace the filter screen, start the hydraulic device to switch stations in a very short time, push out the dirty screen station, and enter the backup station to complete the screen replacement process. This design can ensure the continuity of production and improve production efficiency.

single plate hydraulic screen changer

The commonly used heating methods for single mesh exchangers are external heating plates or heating coils, built-in heating tubes, or comprehensive heating methods. They can also be customized for heating medium according to requirements, which is energy-saving and efficient. For corrosive materials, anti-corrosion treatment can be applied or anti-corrosion materials can be used for processing. The standard configuration of a single plate screen changer is three major components: the main body of the screen changer, the energy storage hydraulic pump station, and the electrical control cabinet. Users can choose the configuration according to their needs.

To use a single plate screen changer, it is necessary to master the correct methods and skills. Firstly, operators need to understand the structure and working principle of the equipment, be familiar with the operation process and precautions. Secondly, operators need to possess certain skills and experience, be proficient in operating equipment, and avoid misoperation and accidents. Finally, operators need to regularly inspect and maintain the equipment to ensure its normal operation and extend its service life.


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