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What is the difference between a continuous screen changer and a discontinuous screen changer?

Continuous screen changer: mostly double-column-based, single-column, single-plate can also be designed as a continuous type (duplex), but its performance is not as good as double-column type screen changer. Continuous type screen changer from the screen shape can also be divided into round, long, curved, cylindrical, rectangular, etc., and its screen changing process pressure and process is relatively stable, the main areas of application are:

1, direct extrusion: film, profiles, sheets, tubes, fibers, baling strips, pulling strips of pelletizing, etc.;

2, co-mingling: underwater pelletizing, water ring pelletizing, pulling strips of pelletizing, etc.;

3, raw material production: polymerization production line;

4, recycling production: Recycled material production, production of waste products in production, production of edge materials in production, etc..

continuous screen changer
continuous screen changer

Non-continuous type screen changer has: manual type screen changer, single plate single station screen changer, single column single station screen changer, etc., of which the single column screen changer from the screen shape can be divided into round, rectangular, arc, cylinder and so on. Non-continuous screen changer screen changing process pressure fluctuation is relatively large or need to stop for a short period of time, the main application areas are:

1, intermittent production process;

2, small test line;

3, pure color material processing;

4, small batch masterbatch production and co-mingling production and other fields.

non-continuous type screen changer
discontinuous screen changer

The selection of hydraulic extrusion screen changer needs to be based on production, material viscosity, material composition, filtration precision (mesh size), equipment pressure and other parameters, to choose the corresponding series of screen changer.


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