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Plastic Extruder Manual Screen Changer Application

The manual screen changer, also called manual screen changer filter, is used in extrusion lines for a variety of high viscosity melts.

manual melt filter screen changer
manual melt filter screen changer 

The manual screen changer has two channels for polymer media flow on the moving slide, and the two working positions are alternately put into the working state through the manual switching device (toggle lever). It adopts the unique rigid material and compensating seal design, which can meet the majority of polymer extrusion production, and it is easy to be installed and operated in conjunction with the extruders of different standards.

Manual screen changer manufacturers
manual screen changer manufacturers

The manual screen changer is compact and occupies little space; unique rigid material, compensating seal design, high wear-resistant, high pressure-resistant, high-precision, long-lasting and durable; the operating lever is processed with texture to increase the sense of operating experience, and the operating lever can be adjusted according to the site location; the positioning block and positioning bolts ensure the accurate position of the screen block when the trigger lever is quickly triggered.


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