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How to choose the right meltblown fabric automatic non-stop screen changer?

Meltblown fabric automatic non-stop screen changer, which adopts integrated design, optimizes equipment space and energy consumption, and can realize non-stop screen changer operation; the main body of meltblown fabric non-stop screen changer is made of special alloy material through strict forging, surface heat treatment and precise metal processing; and it also adopts high-quality heat treatment process and strict quality control system, which ensures the stability and durability of the product use; Compared with the previous screen changer, the meltblown fabric non-stop screen changer has optimized structural design, realized the function of priming and exhausting, and completely eliminated the fluctuation of melt pressure and temperature during the screen changing process.

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Meltblown cloth automatic non-stop screen changer work, the two filters work at the same time, when you need to change the screen, you can start the hydraulic station for the screen change action, replace the screen when a net work, a net replacement, the two nets alternately change the screen, through the introduction of the material and exhaust devices, the air in the flow channel to eliminate clean and achieve non-stop screen change, no leakage of material, the material flow is not interrupted, small fluctuations in the pressure of the material, the production of small impact on the production, the continuity of the production of good production requirements. The production requirement is good continuity.

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Meltblown cloth automatic non-stop screen changer technical parameters: 1, working temperature: ≤ 350 ℃; 2, working pressure: ≤ 40MPa; 3, differential pressure: ≤ 20MPa; 4, the applicable melt viscosity: 100 ~ 40,000Pa.s; 5, heating mode: electric heating / thermal media heating.

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Meltblown cloth automatic non-stop screen changer program configuration: 1, highly corrosive conditions - optional high corrosion-resistant material program; 2, mobile installation trolley, integrated hydraulic station and electrical control system, easy on-site maintenance; 3, optional automatic control system, integrated PLC, HMI control system, easy to operate; 4, integrated melt gear pump, Mixer, drive valve, underwater pelletizing die head and other components of the connection and control, can provide a complete set of programs.


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