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Introduction to Several Forms of Installation Direction for Screen Changers

The installation direction of the hydraulic extrusion screen changer can generally be divided into the following ways based on the on-site situation and operating preferences of the extruder:

1. The upward installation of the oil cylinder adopts this method, which is convenient for lifting, overall beautiful, and takes up little space; The downside is that the oil cylinder is on top, and the sealing ring inside the oil cylinder has a short lifespan and is prone to oil leakage. The sealing ring is frequently replaced. The oil pipe is long.

2. The horizontal installation of the oil cylinder is based on space and convenient operation. The oil cylinder is installed horizontally to the left or right, which is a common and convenient way to change the mesh; The downside is that it is not convenient to enter the left or right side of individual sites, causing inconvenience in changing the mesh on the other side.

hydraulic extrusion screen changer
hydraulic extrusion screen changer

3. The oil cylinder is installed downwards, occupying a good space and not interfering with other devices, making it convenient to change the mesh. Some devices may have interference underneath; After installation downwards, the screen changer will not be visible.

4. Due to interference during the installation of individual equipment or the inability of the flange to rotate, the inclined installation of the oil cylinder has to be adopted. After installation, the appearance is not very beautiful and does not affect the operation and application.

When multiple machines share a hydraulic station, different installation methods can be adopted based on the layout of the production line on site.


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