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What are the characteristics of start-up valves used in underwater granulation systems?

The characteristics of the start-up valve used in the underwater granulation system are: convenient daily use and maintenance; The driving valve can be directly connected through bolts, so the flow path in the valve is always very short, thereby shortening the melt residence time to a greater extent; If there is a fault, the process can be quickly separated (the key function is to interlock with the underwater cutting control. When there is a sudden situation in the underwater cutting, such as mold blockage, particle agglomeration, material entanglement, water pressure fault, water temperature abnormality, etc. When the start-up valve control alarm, the discharge station of the start-up valve opens, and temporary fault handling can be carried out, while the upstream equipment is not affected.)

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The standard configuration of the start-up valve is three major components: the main body of the start-up valve, the energy storage hydraulic pump station, and the electric control cabinet. Customers can also choose the configuration according to their needs. There are two heating methods for the driving valve: electric heating and thermal medium heating, which customers can choose by themselves. For corrosive materials, the driving valve can be treated with anti-corrosion treatment or processed with anti-corrosion materials. The material diameter of the start-up valve provided by the company φ 20~ φ 300 can be processed, and the diameter can be matched with the production capacity or pipeline pipeline.

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The start-up valves provided by the company are widely used in extrusion production lines, polymerization production lines, and underwater cutting production lines, especially in almost essential applications such as underwater cutting production lines. The start-up valve can be used alone or in conjunction with a hydraulic extrusion screen changer and melt pump.


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