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Working principle and structure of plate hydraulic screen changer

Working principle of plate hydraulic extrusion screen changer

Single plate hydraulic extrusion screen changer realizes rapid switching of filtering station within 1 second, fast screen changing action, small change of material flow, no material leakage, high pressure resistance (up to 50MPA), large filtering area, short and straight flow path, no dead angle; Zhengzhou Batte provides plate screen changer for extruder adopts internal heating, fast heating speed, uniform temperature, small energy consumption, simple and fast screen changing operation, less waste material produced during screen changing, no stopping. Replacement of filter screen.

single plate hydraulic extrusion screen changer
single plate hydraulic extrusion screen changer

Plate hydraulic polymer screen changer structure

Plate hydraulic polymer screen changer is composed of main body (calcined parts), reciprocating sliding plate (alloy steel), hydraulic cylinder, heater, removable porous plate, centralized wiring protection device (can be centralized wiring, safety protection, acceptance of waste) and so on. Plate hydraulic screen changer adopts the main body for the overall structure design, the application of compensatory sealing, to ensure that no leakage of material, the flow channel straight and smooth, is a widely used, cost-effective hydraulic screen changer products.

polymer screen changer for extruder
polymer screen changer for extruder

Single plate type hydraulic extrusion screen changer improvement

New extruder plate screen changer, the use of centralized wiring protection device, the messy heating high-temperature wire concentrated in the steel junction box groove, directly access the heating power line to the cylinder end of the junction box can be, centralized wiring device at the same time can take over the replacement of the waste generated by the filter mesh, to prevent the waste from falling to the ground, the main body of the end of the protective plate can also play a safety function, the appearance of a generous, in the functionality on the basis of the enhancement of the product industrial aesthetics. Enhance the industrial aesthetics of the product. Zhengzhou Batte screen changer manufacturers as a large screen changer production base in China, to provide screen changer equipment include: plastic extruder screen changer, continuous screen changer for film blowing machine, pelletizing machine hydraulic screen changer and so on.


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