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How to install the polymer hydraulic extrusion screen changer?

The hydraulic extrusion screen changer is usually used in conjunction with the extruder, which can vary in diameter from the extruder screw φ 45mm~ φ Suitable for use between 320mm. The four steps for correctly installing the extruder screen changer are as follows:

hydraulic extrusion screen changer

1. Disassemble the mold.

First, heat up the flange connecting the extruder and the mold in advance, and then stop the machine to disassemble the mold after reaching the temperature. Otherwise, the raw materials in the flow channel will solidify, making it impossible to disassemble the mold and change the mesh. Remove all the bolts on the flange and pay attention to safety, mainly to prevent the mold from falling.

polymer screen changer

2. Translate the mold or host.

Leave a space distance between the mold and the main screw barrel for installing the extruder screen changer. When translating, attention should be paid to safety. If lifting is necessary, the mold should be pre lifted to prevent falling, and then the mold should be translated or removed, or the host machine should be moved back and flat (depending on the situation).

extrusion screen changer

3. Lifting of screen changer for extruder.

Firstly, open the wooden box, lift the protective film on the extruder screen changer, and screw the lifting rings inside the wooden box into the corresponding positions according to the installation direction (such as the lifting holes on both sides of the oil cylinder and the screen changer). For horizontal installation, lift them on the same side of the oil cylinder and the main body; Install the oil cylinder upwards and lift it through the lifting holes on both sides of the oil cylinder; The oil cylinder is installed downwards and lifted through the lifting holes on both sides of the main body.

Attention: There is a pressure sensor hole reserved on one side of the main inlet of the extruder screen changer, and there is a pressure sensor hole plug in the wooden box. If there is no pressure sensor on the extruder, the pressure sensor plug can be plugged before lifting; You can also install the pressure sensor or plug the pressure sensor after installing the extruder screen changer. If not blocked, this is an open port that is directly connected to the flow channel, and there will be material leakage from here.

screen changer for extruder

4. Installation of extrusion screen changer.

Lift the polymer screen changer between the barrel flange and the mold flange, paying attention to distinguishing between the inlet and outlet. The porous plate on the slide plate in the inlet direction can be removed, while the porous plate in the outlet direction cannot be removed. There is a cover plate on the main body of the screen changer in the outlet direction that is easy to distinguish. If the direction is reversed, it needs to be reinstalled.

hydraulic screen changer for extrusion


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