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Water cooled pull rod plastic granulation extrusion screen changer

In the production process of plastic extrusion granulation, due to the use of a single station structure design in the existing water cooled strip pelletizer, it is easy to break the strip during the production process, especially during the process of changing the mesh with the mesh changer. In severe cases, it may even require a shutdown to change the mesh, which seriously affects the working efficiency of the extruder, as well as the stability and continuity of product performance.

plastic extrusion screen changer

BATTE Melt Pump Company provides a fast automatic extrusion screen changer for granulators, which adopts dual workstations to achieve interactive work. It is also equipped with an electric heating rod to avoid cooling and breaking of the rubber material, effectively improving the fluidity of the rubber material, and solving the possibility of broken bars during the screen changing process, ensuring the continuity and stability of production, and thereby improving production efficiency. In addition, it uses a hydraulic station to drive the screen changing, which is simple to operate and easy to control, Beneficial for widespread promotion and application.

polymer extrusion screen changer

The rapid mesh changer for plastic granulation (single column dual station mesh changer) is mainly suitable for recycling and granulating waste plastic films, wires, sheets, products, etc. of high-pressure polyethylene (LDPE), low-pressure polyethylene (HDPE), nylon, EVA, etc. It adopts a rigid sealing structure, with reliable sealing and no leakage; Optimize the design of material flow channels, without dead corners or stagnation; Easy to operate, no material leakage; Can be customized directly with different specifications of single screw extruders, twin screw extruders, and reaction kettles; Suitable for materials with frequent color changes.

hydraulic extrusion screen changer

The company provides two configuration options for the quick hydraulic extrusion screen changer used in plastic granulation: standard configuration and customized configuration. The standard configuration is a screen changer body+energy storage hydraulic pump station+heating device; Customized configuration includes a screen changer body, an energy storage hydraulic pump station, a heating device, and an electrical control cabinet.


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