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What are the applications of different types of screen changers?

The screen changer is an indispensable link in production lines such as extrusion and polymerization, and is widely used in related industries. The performance of different types of screen changers varies, and can be divided into non continuous screen changers, continuous screen changers, and continuous backwash screen changers.

Discontinuous screen changers

Discontinuous screen changers include manual screen changers, single board screen changers, and single column screen changers, among which single column screen changers can be divided into circular, elongated, curved, and cylindrical shapes based on the shape of the filter screen. The discontinuous screen changer has significant pressure fluctuations during the screen changing process or requires a brief shutdown. Mainly used in fields such as intermittent production processes, small-scale experimental lines, pure color material processing, small batch color master batch production, and blending production.

continuous screen changer

The continuous screen changer is mainly designed with double columns, and single columns and single boards can also be designed as continuous types, but its performance is not as good as the double column type screen changer. Continuous screen changers can also be divided into circular, elongated, curved, cylindrical, and rectangular shapes based on the shape of the filter screen. The pressure and process during the screen changing process are relatively stable. Mainly used in fields such as direct extrusion (such as films, profiles, sheets, pipes, fibers, packaging belts, pull rod granulation, etc.), blending (such as underwater granulation, water ring granulation, pull rod granulation, etc.), raw material production (such as polymerization production lines), and recycling production (such as recycled material production, waste production in production, and leftover material production in production, etc.).

automatic sreen changer

The continuous backwash screen changer is mainly a double column screen changer, and the shape of the filter screen is mostly circular. Due to different backwash structures, there are also long bars, cylindrical shapes, and horseshoe shapes. The pressure and process of screen changing and backwashing are relatively constant. Mainly used in recycling production (such as granulation or extrusion related production), production with very stable process requirements, and fields requiring extended filter usage in polymerization or extrusion production.

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