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Installation scheme of screen changer for single machine or small film blowing machine

Film blowing production is generally divided into single machine and multi-layer co extrusion production methods, and it is also divided into agricultural film (greenhouse film), packaging film, bag making film and other different products according to products.

screen changer for film blowing machine

Single board dual station screen changer is used for single machine film blowing, which can also be used to change the screen without stopping the machine. However, when changing the screen, the film may be broken, especially for film production, which may require re pulling the film. Therefore, single machine production generally adopts the method of stopping the machine to change the screen.

film blowing screen changer

Small film blowing production generally focuses on the production of packaging film and handbag film. Single machine production generally adopts filter element type screen changer and manual screen changer. Plate type screen changer and mesh belt type fully automatic screen changer can be selected. Plate type screen changer is also stopped to change the screen. Compared with manual screen changer, the time for screen change is shortened, and the impact on production is not improved. Alternatively, the Bart mesh belt type fully automatic screen changer (35MPA under pressure) can be used for automatic production without manual operation. Continuous production has no impact and no material leakage. It is a very good choice and also a cost-effective choice.

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