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Special screen changer for geomembrane and grid

Zhengzhou Batte is a professional screen changer manufacturer in China. It has a professional screen changer processing technology and provides high-performance and high standard screen changer products, including XPS screen changer for extrusion plate, non-stop polymer screen changer for film blowing, screen changer for geomembrane and grid.

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PVC, PVDC, PVDF, PP and other vinyl plastics have very strict requirements for the performance of the screen changer due to the presence of free strong oxidation ions, such as corrosion resistance, constant temperature, fast speed, easy cleaning, high density, poor fluidity and high melt pressure. Its corrosivity brings damage to the host, mold and the entire screen changer. Batte new generation screen changer equipment consists of screen changer body, sliding plate, high temperature oil cylinder, heater, etc; The sealing part of PVC special screen changer is made of special alloy steel through special processing in multiple processes. It adopts special runner design and straight through design, without dead corners and hidden materials. The extrusion screen changer manufacturer can customize the special screen changer according to the production needs of users to meet the production needs of users.

In recent years, with the increase of national investment in highways and water conservancy projects and the attention paid to environmental protection, the demand for geomembranes, geogrids and impermeable membranes has doubled. In the production of these membranes, screen changer is essential. Traditional plate screen changer and cylindrical screen changer are easy to leak, and the large pressure fluctuation affects the production, resulting in a large number of waste products. According to the characteristics of geomembrane, geogrid and anti-seepage membrane, Zhengzhou Batte has developed its special hydraulic extrusion screen changer, which adopts double working position and double flow channel structure, with automatic lubrication and mobile "ladder" exhaust system. One screen works while the other is preheated in the main body. When the screen is changed, the working screen will start to filter when it leaves half of the new screen. At the same time, the exhaust system will be connected to achieve a smooth transition of material pressure and continuous production without stopping the machine. The melting resistance of the screen changer body is up to 60Mpa, without any leakage.

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