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How to choose PVC hydraulic granulation screen changer?

The granulation industry includes modified granulation, recycling granulation, masterbatch granulation, reactor material making, etc. plate and column screen changers are used for modified granulation and masterbatch granulation, and mesh free slag discharge filters are used for recycling granulation. For soft PVC granulation, because the raw materials are easy to age, the following aspects need to be considered in the selection of hydraulic extrusion screen changer.

double slide plate hydraulic screen changer

When granulating soft PVC and other aging raw materials, a hydraulic screen changer with straight flow passage, no dead corner and no stagnation should be selected, and the double plate double station hydraulic screen changer is a very suitable screen changer. When changing the screen, one screen works and one screen is replaced. It is designed with a material introduction and exhaust structure, so that the material flow is not interrupted when changing the screen, so that the screen can be changed without stopping the machine. It is also the only hydraulic screen changer that can be used at present. The double plate and double station screen changer adopts the double channel and double filter structure, so for the production of aging raw materials such as soft PVC, the double plate and double station hydraulic screen changer should be transformed and upgraded on the basis of the original structure, and different processing technologies can be used to meet the corresponding production requirements.

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