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What are the advantages of the double-column double-station screen changer and the shape of the filter screen?

Double-column double-station extrusion screen changer is used for chemical fiber, blown film, flat film, cast film production, pipe, sheet, wire, fiber manufacturing, pelletizing line, recycling, etc. The double-column double-station screen changer provided by Zhengzhou Batte can be divided into the following three types according to the shape of the filter screen:

Double-column double-station screen changer ZB-DP-2R type, its filter screen shape is round; ZB-DP-2E type, its filter screen shape is oval; ZB-DP-2L type, its filter screen shape is Semi-circular arc shape and circular shape, used to be called filter cartridge type. The latter is the variation of the former in increasing the filtration area, among which the filter cartridge type has a large filtration area and can be used for recycling and granulation.

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Advantages of double-column hydraulic screen changer: 1. There are two channels for the polymer medium to flow on the two pistons of the screen changer. The polymer medium is filtered through the filter screen to clean the medium and produce high-quality products. The high-wear, high-pressure and high-precision filter screen design improves the effective area of ​​filtration and the quality of filtration.

2. Large filter area, suitable for extrusion production of different materials and different process characteristics, with good sealing characteristics; advanced design concept and high-precision processing quality and the exhaust control system used in conjunction with this series of screen changers Filter + exhaust characteristics.

3. Standard configuration with specifications of 80~270mm, and processing of other special sizes; when the pressure is 25Mpa and the temperature is below 300°C, its performance will not be affected.

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The screen changers provided by Zhengzhou Batte are divided into: manual type, hydraulic type, automatic type according to the driving source; according to the use function: shutdown and non-stop; non-stop refinement: non-interrupting the product (small impact on the product) and interruption (large impact on the product); according to the action effect: storage pressure quick change type (2~3s based on fast), slow push type (slow type for stability, auxiliary introduction and exhaust structure).

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