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Detailed explanation of manual screen changer for polystyrene extruder

Waste EPS plastics contain a large amount of paper scraps, wood chips, aluminum foil, sand and other fine impurities, so that during the use of the twin-screw extrusion production line, the filter and screen replacement interval is short, the operation is frequent, and the filtering effect is not ideal, which further leads to its The production efficiency of regenerative granulation is low, the amount of impurities contained in PS regenerated particles is high, and the application scope is limited. In response to the above situation, many types of filters have been developed at home and abroad, such as plate filters, plunger filters, backwash filters, automatic mesh belt screen changers, and manual screen changers. Batte's ps extuder manual screen changer have been the first choice for cost-effective filtration systems on extrusion lines for many years. Manual screen changer extruders can be used to filter almost any type of thermoplastic material. Utilizing pressure activated sealing technology, manual screen changers remain leak-free under squeeze pressure. It reduces the fluctuation of the pressure at the outlet, making the extrusion more stable; it also greatly reduces the loss of materials, and the loss of materials due to impurity filtration is reduced from 3% to 0.5%.

ps extruder manual screen changer

Features of ps extruder screen changer:

1. The manual screen changing filter is easy to install, accurate in position when replacing the filter screen, and easy to operate.
2. The operating handle can be adjusted according to the location of the production site.
3. Unique steel material, compensation seal design, long service life.
4. When replacing the filter, the position is accurate.
5. It is suitable for extrusion production with low output of Φ90 and below.

ps extruder hydraulic screen changer

Zhengzhou Batte focuses on the functional practicability and quality stability of polymer melt filter products. Combined with the characteristics of the melt in the production process, it transforms the advanced melt screen filter technology into practical and reliable industrial products. Provide a complete solution for non-stop screen changer for plastics, rubber, chemical fibers, adhesives, sols, coatings and other melt filtration.

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