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The composition, application range and characteristics of the plate screen changer

The series of plate screen changers are mainly composed of the main body of the screen changer (forged parts), reciprocating slide plate (alloy steel), hydraulic welding cylinder, heater, detachable perforated plate, centralized wiring protection device (centralized wiring, safety protection, undertaking Waste) and other components. The overall structure design of the main body of the screen changer and the compensating seal ensure no material leakage and smooth flow passage. It is a widely used and cost-effective screen changer product.

Application range:

1. Blown film production (no material leakage, multi-layer co-extrusion realizes non-stop screen change, low price)

2. Pipe production (PE solid wall pipe, PPR pipe, PERT floor heating pipe, gas pipe, corrugated pipe, carbon corrugated pipe, insulation pipe, carat pipe, steel belt winding pipe, steel wire reinforced pipe, drip tape, PP pipe, electric power Tube, communication tube, etc.)

3. Production of hollow products (oil cans, blowing bottles, industrial supplies, daily chemicals, food packaging, blowing barrels, etc.)

single plate hydraulic screen changer

4. Production of plates and sheets

5. Production of coated film and cast film (realize 340 degree high temperature production without material leakage)

6. Production of hot melt adhesive

Product performance characteristics:

The plate screen changer can quickly switch the filter station within 2 second, the screen change action is fast, the material flow change is small, there is no leakage, and the pressure is high), the filter area is large, the flow channel is short and straight, no dead ends, internal heating, The heating speed is fast, the temperature is uniform, the energy consumption is small, the screen changing operation is simple and fast, the waste generated when changing the screen is small, and the filter screen is replaced without stopping the machine.

The patented technology centralized wiring protection device concentrates the messy heating high-temperature wires in the steel junction box slot, and the heating power line can be directly connected to the junction box at the cylinder end. The centralized wiring device can also undertake the replacement of the filter screen. It has the function of preventing waste material from landing, and the protective plate on the main body can also play a safety protection function. The appearance is generous, and the industrial beauty of the product is improved on the basis of functionality.

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